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Wardrobe Sliding Doors

Wardrobe Sliding Doors can easily maximise the space in your wardrobe, so the interior can be organised into a more systematic internal storage with boxes, drawers, shelves and hanging rails.

Mirrored  Wardrobe Doors is one of the best ways to enhance the overall appearance of the space and light in your room.

Vinyl Wardrobe Doors are available in a range of colours. This option is good for easy maintenance and suits the budget conscious.

Raw Gyprock Wardrobe Doors are then able to paint the doors your desired colour. This option suits those who wish to create custom spaces or are budget conscious.

Painted Glass Wardrobe Doors are available in a range of colours. These premium products are extremely durable, withstanding time and usage with ease and looking sensational in any space.

Wardrobe sliding doors are suitable for either wall-to-wall, or recessed installations creating a stunning illusion of additional space in the bedroom.

Some people prefer wardrobe sliding doors to hinged doors, as it means no floor space is occupied when wardrobe doors are open.

Wardrobe Sliding Doors

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